Sunday, March 24, 2013


It's hard to believe that we only have a couple weeks left in the ski season. Here's a couple end of season reminders:


Don't forget to get the raffle tickets to Paul Francisty - you can just put the stubs into his family folder (the family folders are located in the pull out drawers in the garbage/recycling unit). If you've sold any, keep the money. Or you can put your names on all of the tickets and hope to win a great prize. The draw date is April 14th (I think) so I know Paul would appreciate the tickets well before that date.


The last weekend of the program is April 6/7. It seems anti-climatic since we had the banquet already, but hopefully everyone had a good season. Troy and I would really like to keep improving on things, so we would appreciate you taking a moment to fill out the MWSC U10 / U12 survey - the link is to the left of this blog.
Your child should have received a trophy - many were handed out at the banquet, but if you didn't attend, please make sure your child's coach gets them their trophy. Also, the kids will receive their report cards and pictures by the end of the season.


This is the final race of the season that we will be hosting on April 13/14. We are looking for volunteers to work this race - we will also have a couple U10/U12 coaches available for parents who volunteer. There is a sign up sheet in the club cabin - just record down your name on a position that interests you. If you do require coaching for your child, just contact me (kerri) via email and I will pass on the list of kids to the coaches.


Troy and I have decided to stay on with the U10 coordinator position for a transitional year where we hope we can work with another person to guide them into taking over. I am currently creating a U10 Coordinator Handbook that will hopefully be useful to the next coordinator. Troy and I have enjoyed our years organizing the program, but we actually won't have any kids in the U10 program after this season and we feel it's time to pass on the job. It is a position that takes a good deal of organization, but it's a very rewarding one, too. If you're interested, please let us know and we'd be happy to work with you next year to get you prepared to take it over 100% the following season.

Troy and I will be away watching our older son's races at Silverstar and Whistler, so we won't be around for the end of the season. If we don't see you, we thank you for your investment with your racer and hope to see everyone back next season.

Sunday, March 3, 2013



Elisa Djurichovic is putting out a plea for all people who are planning to attend the MWSC Annual Banquet to please contact her at
The banquet is on Saturday, March 16. It's earlier than normal because our athletes are away at races every other weekend until the end of the season.
Again, please email Elisa directly by this week - as it stands now, there may be a possibility of having to cancel unless we get accurate (and enough) numbers in.


Registration deadline for Sun Peaks is next Sunday, March 10. If you are planning to go but haven't registered, please do so right away - we will be registering our athletes on the 10th. Sun Peaks fills up quickly and if we don't get our registration in early, we aren't guaranteed space (plus the later we register, the higher bib numbers we get.)


Our fun club toy race is on Sunday March 10 and all our U10/U12 skiers are welcome to participate. If you're a Saturday skier, you can attend as well on Sunday. To keep things simple, IF YOU AREN'T PLANNING TO ATTEND, YOU NEED TO LET JULIE LANGEVIN KNOW. Otherwise, she will presume you are attending and put your child in a group.
The race will consist of a dual slalom - kids can race each other, their parents, their coaches - the point is just to have fun.
If you child wants to get a toy, bring a toy. If your child doesn't care to get a toy, don't bring a toy - it's that simple.


Raffle tickets are due in April, so don't forget to either sell them or write your own names on them. Remember, you've already paid for them, so if you sell any tickets, you can keep the money. When you're done, put the tickets in Paul Francisty's family folder in the club cabin. The prizes are awesome!

Thursday, February 28, 2013


A huge thanks to everyone who contributed to yet another successful Podium Race. We had many compliments on the organization and welcoming atmosphere. All our visiting clubs mentioned how much fun their kids had, which, of course, is the point of it all.

Our toy race is coming up on Sunday, March 10th. This is a casual club event, and this year we're going to keep it very simple and just have a slalom course for the kids to go down. The entry into this race is a $10-$15 toy - just bring it to the club the morning of the race and someone should be around to take it. Please remember - if you bring a toy, you get a toy. Saturday skiers are encouraged to participate. In fact, unless we hear differently from you, we will be presuming your racer will be participating.Julie Langevin is organizing this event, so if you have any questions, contact her.

So far, we have 12 racers participating, but we're hoping to have more of a MWSC team than just these 12 (in the past we've sent 25-40 racers!). We do need you to register by March 10th so we can determine costs. You can register by clicking on the Sun Peaks link on the left of the blog.

Our year end banquet isn't really at year end, but due to the race schedule, there was no other weekend in which all our racers were at home. We need to know ahead of time the number of people attending, so if you haven't contacted Elisa Djurickovic, please do so ASAP.

Thursday, February 21, 2013


It's already that time of year to start thinking about the Sun Peaks U6 to U12 Festival. Deadline for registration for MWSC racers is Sunday, March 10. We need to know numbers ahead of time so we know how much the race will cost for each athlete. Basically, the more kids go, the less the cost will be. As soon as we finalize numbers, we will let you know how much the race will cost - in the past it's been anywhere between $140 - $200 per person (covers race fees, coaches accommodations and coaches travel)

Please read the information on the Race Notice (embedded below) and use the registration link on the left of the blog to sign up. PLEASE SIGN UP BY SUNDAY, MARCH 10.



We're very excited to be hosting several coast zone clubs at our annual Experience the Podium Race. As well as our club, we have Whistler, Grouse, Seymour, Cypress and Manning Park visiting. Our total number of competitors is near 200, which is our biggest race yet.

Our MWSC racers will be pretty much in their normal groups with one of their coaches. New group signs (and special race names) will be posted in the club cabin this weekend.

All racers will get a free hot dog lunch (hot dog, snack, fruit, drink). For any older/younger siblings or adults, you can also buy a lunch for $5.

Thanks to everyone who has volunteered. For those who have signed up to help, please check in with your "Chief" on the course at 9:00. Gatekeepers... you can check in with Slob Djurickovic in the club cabin at 8:30.

If you haven't signed up but still want to help, we could probably use the most help on the Slalom course (Saturday) and the Kombi course (Sunday). We'll need gatekeepers and course crew.

There may be a few open positions yet - just check the sign up sheet and see what jobs still need to be filled.

We're looking forward to a chaotic but really fun weekend.

Saturday, February 9, 2013



Thanks to all who have let me know if your are participating in the race - also thanks to those who have let me know you're not. I still need to hear from several families and I will be tracking you down this weekend.


You may want to start thinking about the "Nancy Greene" Sun Peaks Festival. This is the largest gathering of U6 to U12 kids from around the province. It's a fun race for both kids and adults. We will be officially registering kids soon, so stay tuned for more information. Below is a poster from club member Alison Hastings who can book you a room at the Delta if you're interested.

Nancy Green Sun Peaks Jan 2013 by kerriperras